GFCI UL listed Outlet, 20 Amp, Tamper-Resistant, Weather Resistant Receptacle

GFCI Outlet - Constructed with premium high-impact resistant thermoplastic materials and rational structure design, ensures superior strength and durability. it a single gang GFCI electrical box that supports a standard duplex, grounded receptacle; Safe electrical GFCI outlet tester with TEST and RESET buttons and LED Indicator is designed to meet local and national electrical codes. Safty - The Kasonic GFCI USB Outlet meets GFCI UL listed Outlet E472427, 20 Amp, 125 Volt, 60HZ. Tamper Resistant Receptacle prevents young children from inserting unwanted objects into the outlets. For an added layer of protection, the GFCI regularly conducts an automatic internal test to confirm that it can respond to a ground fault, provides continuous ground fault protection. Weather Resistant - Constructed with advanced UV stabilized engineering to provide superior corrosion, temperature, and UV resistance, preventing discoloration and aging, ideal for outdoor & indoor use. Ground fault circuit interrupter GFCI outlets are required in kitchens and bathrooms and within 25 feet of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment to prevent electrical shock in areas subject to moisture. LED Indicator - Two Indicator Light provides simple, intuitive feedback on power and protection status. If the indicator (LED) glows green, you have installed the GFCI receptacle correctly and it is working properly. The GFCI outlet automatically conducts a Self-Test(the red light will blink once) every 40 seconds to ensure the GFCI is continually working. When the GFCI receptacle reaches the end of its' life the red indicator will turn on, it reminds you to replace the outlet in time. Easy Installation: The GFCI receptacle can be easily installed in the electric box as little as 10 minutes by following our detailed instructions. Unbreakable polycarbonate decorator wall plates, screws and complete installation instructions included. Staying safe and efficient! The GFCI Tamper Resistant & Weather Resistant Duplex Receptacle meets ETL-Listed E472427, Constructed with premium high-impact resistant thermoplastic materials. With TEST and RESET buttons and LED Indicator is designed to meet local and national electrical codes.  A newly certified GFCI receptacle offers electrical shock through advanced GFCI design as well as the fireproof poly-carbonate housing helps reduce fire risk. GFCI Outlet Receptacle: GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. When a ground fault is detected, a GFCI will trip within a fraction of a second and stop the flow of electricity to prevent serious injury. The green LED indicator light shows that the device is working properly. To ensure continuous safety, the GFCI outlet automatically conducts a Self-Test(the red light will blink once) every 40 seconds to ensure the GFCI is continually working, which exceeds the UL standards of self-test frequency of 3 hours.  The GFCI includes an end-of-life monitoring function. When a GFCI receptacle is incapable of passing its internal test function (it can no longer provide ground fault protection), the red indicator will turn on. Easy Installation Mounting screws are shipped captive in the device and wall plate for easier installation. Tamper Resistant Provide a simple, permanent solution for preventing common childhood shock and electrical burn injuries. Weather Resistant Designed with enhanced corrosion and UV resistant components, weather-resistant receptacles are for extra durable use in outdoor location. Caution: To prevent severe shock or electrocution, always turn the power off at the service panel before working with the wiring.  Use this GFCI receptacle with copper or copper-clad wire. Do not use aluminum wire. For installation in wet locations, protect the GFCI receptacle with a weatherproof cover that will keep both the receptacle and any plugs dry. Package Contents: 1 GFC AC Receptacle 1 Wall Plate 2 Receptacle Mounting Screws 2 Matching wall plate screws 1 Installation Instructions GFCI Outlet 20 Amp, Tamper-Resistant, Weather Resistant Receptacle Indoor or Outdoor Use, LED Indicator with Decor Wall Plates and Screws - UL Listed (White)

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