LCD Nuclear Radiation Geiger Counter Tube Detector β γ X-Ray Dosimeter Monitor

✨ Premium Materials and Anti-slip Silicone Cover: This radiation detector is designed with premium materials and features a silicone cover for an anti-slip and anti-drop grip. It is also wear-resistant, providing a comfortable and reliable grip. ✨ High Detection Sensitivity:Equipped with a high-quality counting tube, the detector has high detection sensitivity, making it especially useful for environmental radioactivity monitoring. It can detect traces of nuclear and electromagnetic radiation. ✨ Multifunctional LCD Color Screen:The detector has a multifunctional LCD color screen that displays real-time monitoring pages. It shows the current dose rate, cumulative measured value, cumulative stored dose rate, maximum value, average value, starting date, and cumulative time. ✨ Measures X, γ, and β Rays Radiation:This detector measures X, γ, and β rays radiation, making it optimal for measuring small changes in radiation levels. It has high sensitivity for most commonly used nuclides. ✨ Three Alarm Modes:With three alarm modes (sound, light, and vibration), the detector can alert you when the dose rate and cumulative dose are over the threshold. You can manually set the thresholds for dose rate and cumulative dose. ✨ Wide Applications:This detector has a wide range of applications, making it suitable for family decoration, radiation-shielding manufacturing enterprises, hygiene, radiation treatments, nuclear labs, nuclear stations, import-and-export commerce inspections, building materials, petroleum chemicals, geology investigations, used steels, industrial flaw detection, and more. Material ABS+silicone Display LCD Types of detection rays γ rays, x rays, β rays Detector Energy Compensation GM Tube Dose equivalent rate 0.0-10000μSv/h(10mSv/h) Cumulative dose equivalent 0.00μSv-500.0mSv Energy range 48keV-1.5Mev≤±30% (for 137Csγ) Sensitivity 80CPM/μSv(For Co-60) Dosage unit μSv/h,μGy/h,mR/h,cps,cpm Switch Power supply 1200mAh lithium battery Alarm method light, vibration, sound Package Includes: 1 Nuclear Radiation Detector 1 Charge Cable 1 User Manual

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