TOPDON AB101 Car Battery Load Tester Charging System Analyzer 100-2000CCA 12V US

Why Do You Need a Car Battery Tester? For car owners, these following situations are quite common and they have to spend lots of money and time on car batteries’ check and repairs. Cars break down after a pull over. Can’t start a car that’s not used for a long time. Can’t start a car if you leave headlights on for a long time when the car isn’t running. Dimmed headlights due to the lack of full power. Take it easy. A battery tester can save you from troublesome situations and ensure that your holiday road trips don’t end on a flat! TOPDON AB101, an excellent battery load tester/12V car battery tester, help you check the condition of the battery before it’s too late and prevent car failure. BATTERY-TESTER-AB101-02 How to Extend Your Car Battery Life? TOPDON AB101, an auto battery analyzer/12V auto alternator tester, reminds you of timely battery maintenance to avoid the unnecessary losses. Battery Test: Good or Replace? As a quick and easy to use battery analyzer, this car battery tester checks the batter’s State of Health (SOH)), State of Charge (SOC), Voltage, Current, and Rating at one time, telling you when it’s time to replace and recharge the battery. Cranking Test: Why Your Car Can’t Start? This automotive alternator tester displays the actual cranking voltage and cranking time for the quick starter analysis to figure out the cranking faults for various 12V lead-acid battery. Charging Test: Need Charging Now? This 12V battery load tester will take seconds to do ripple test, loaded volt test, and charging volt test to find out the common faults of the charging system. TOPDON AB101, Car Battery Health Guard! Battery Test: The car battery analyzer shows 5 different results: “Good Battery”, “Good-Recharge”, “Replace”, “Bad Cell- Replace”, “Charge-Retest”. Charging Test: The battery tester checks ripple status, load voltage, and charging system status. Cranking Test: The battery is regarded as OK if cranking voltage is higher than 9.6V or abnormal if lower than 9.6V. Ripple Test: The load tester tests the charging current ripple to find out whether the diode is normal or not. Multiple Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German In-Vehicle or Out-Of-Vehicle: No matter whether the battery is connected with vehicle or not, the battery tester can test it directly. CCA: 100~2000 CCA No Need to Charge or Update: The auto battery tester will automatically start up after the clamps are correctly connected. Without the needs of any software updates, the battery tester works well all the time. Why Choose TOPDON AB101? All-in-One This battery tester offers all the information about battery’s health status, cranking system, charging system, and gives you an overall understanding of your vehicle battery. Easy to Use This 12V auto battery tester works on batteries both in and out of the vehicle and shows the test results directly to tell you it’s good or needs to be replaced. Quick & Accurate This battery load tester can find out whether it’s in good working condition or not within seconds. With the exact parameters provided by the battery tester, you can figure out the common faults of the vehicle’s starting and charging system. Peace of Mind Reverse polarity protection function can protect this car battery tester and the automotive load from damage caused by wrong operations. BATTERY-TESTER-AB101-07 Display: 220*176 LCD Acid-proof plastic with silica gel buttons CCA: Cold Cranking Amps (Range: 100~2000) BCI: Battery Council International (100~2000) CA: Cranking Amps (100~2000) MCA: Marine Cranking Amps (100~2000) JIS: Japan Industrial Standard (26A17~245H52) DIN: German Auto Industry Committee (100~1400) IEC: Internal Electrical Technical Commission (100~1400) EN: European Automobile Industry Association (100~2000) SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers (100~2000) GB: China National Standard (30Ah~200Ah) Accessories 1 Main Unit 1 User Manual

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