Pest Reject Pro Ultrasonic Repeller Home Bed Bug Mites Spider Defender Roaches

Ultrasonic Pest Killer Repeller blue lamp Ultrasonic can act upon the hearing and the nervous system of them to make them unpleasant and uncomfortable, which drives them away from your home. Also, outdoor insects and rodents won’t enter your house, too.Eliminates Mosquitoes, Mice, Spiders, Ants, Flies, Roaches, Bugs, Fleas, Rats, etc. Our product has 360 degrees ultrasonic transmission, more effective anthelmintic. The back has a heat dissipation function to prevent excessive heat. It only costs around 5W of power each devices BUT ensure you 24/7 hours free from pests and mice. WIDE COVERAGE AREA:  Our Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is effective for an area up to 1,200 Sq Ft(120㎡). per unit. However, as ultrasonic waves can’t pass through walls and solid objects, we suggest using at least 1 device for each bedroom, and at least a couple units for areas where pest problems are serious. The pest repellent can be widely used in home, warehouse, shop, hotel, hospital, office, grain depot, etc. SAFE, ECO-FRIENDLY AND ECONOMICAL PEST CONTROL SOLUTION: Protects your home from pests without using dangerous chemicals, sprays. It’s safe for your family members and lovely pets such as dog and cat, etc. Drive away pests rather than killing them, so It won’t leave any mess behind for you to clean. With low power consumption, it is an economical and effective pest control solution compared to expensive pest control service. NOISELESS  The ultrasonic waves that this repeller sends are far beyond the hearing range of human-beings. Enjoy a peaceful & pest-free tight sleep without any concerns for noise. Nightlight Feature The ant repellent provides a soft glow in the dark.The New Arrival Ultrasonic Pest Killer Repeller blue lamp, not only can drives mosquito away from your home , but also can use as small night lamp.  Features:   100% new high quality.  The ultrasonic rejection device can disturb the hearing and nervous system of mice, rats and insects, making them unpleasant and uncomfortable and forcing them to leave your home.  For 100 to 150 square meters of the area is effective. This product is widely used in homes, warehouses, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, rooms, gardens, hotels and so on.  The ultrasonic frequency emitted from this machine is not audible to humans and pets. It's absolutely safe for children, families and pets.  All you need to do is insert it and it will start working.  Tips: The machine should be installed from 80 to 120cm/31.50-47.24 in, and perpendicular to the floor and inserted into the socket.  Installation should be avoided on the back of curtain furniture, fridge and any other furniture that obstructs or adheres to frequency. Within 1 meters, there should be no larger obstacles (not installed on the back of refrigerator, wardrobe, sofa, etc.).  At first, the mice and pests will increase. This is a normal phenomenon, because they leave the living place after the ultrasonic attack. It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to notice the results.  Take care not to get the device wet. Do not use strong impregnating agent, water or wet cloth to clean machine. Use dry and soft cloth to clean with neutral detergent.  Do not drop the machine or strike hard.  Use ambient temperature: 0-40°C. In order to increase the effect, use multiple devices in warehouses or several rooms. Contains:  One ultrasonic pet repeller

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