400 Gallon Adjustable Silent Air Pump Large Aquarium Fish Tank 2 outlet

What are the Benefits of having the Rhinox Aquarium Air Pump? Unlike most air pumps that are available on the market that create a lot of noise, that’s not the case with Rhinox Aquarium Air Pump. It has an anti-slip rubber which produces less than 35 dB sound, which is even quieter than a library. So, you can turn it on and sleep peacefully at night. You can control the air pressure with the two regulating valves. They will enable you to increase or slow down the release of oxygen level in the tank. Apart from all these uses, most tropical fish keepers, install the Rhinox Aquarium Air Pump for decoration purposes. Many love to sit and watch the fish swimming through the tiny bubbles flowing up to the top of the aquarium which is created by the two air stones.   ✔ DUAL PUMP OXYGENATES TWO FISH TANKS SIMULTANEOUSLY --- Fish tank bubbler is equipped with a dual-headed pump which is attached to two vents. With 2 air stones and 2 silicone tubes that come included in this pack, you can supply fresh oxygen to two aquarium tanks simultaneously. The fish in the tank gets to breathe fresh, oxygenated air. ✔ HIGH-PERFORMANCE AIR PUMP ENSURES A HEALTHY AQUARIUM --- The pump absorbs the outside air and sends it inside the tank via an outlet. Due to this, the aquarium gets oxygenated water which keeps the marine life healthy. It is perfect for aquaculture oxygenation, high-grade aquarium, and spout decoration. It helps to make the environment healthy for your fish. ✔ CONSUMES LESS POWER --- Unlike ordinary air pumps which come with just a single pump, this aquarium pump comes with 2 heads. So you can use two air stones separately in two different tanks at the same time, yet with a reduced electricity bill. The outlet hole is big enough to allow steady air in. ✔ AESTHETICALLY APPEALING AND PRACTICAL DESIGN --- The silicone tubes and air stones carry the oxygen and release it into the water in the form of bubbles. Thus the unwanted carbon dioxide is removed from the aquarium without any inconvenience. ✔ WIDE COMPATIBILITY --- The main purpose of the aerator is to add fresh oxygen and water movement into the tank. However, this oxygen pump allows for a maximum flow of 4.5 L/min making it ideal for 5 - 40 gallons saltwater or freshwater fish tanks.   Description: * New and high quality fish tank/aquarium double hole air pump. * Good looks and low noise. * Its housing made of high quality ABS completely. * The stand cup using the latest shock-resistant material, long service life. * Stable performance, safety, clean and strong. * Displacement: 3.5L/min * Power: 5W * Voltage: 110V 60Hz * Noise: 2.2db (A) * Size: (10.5 x 7.6 x 5)cm * Power cable length: 70cm * Color: Black Package includes: 1 x Double Hole Air Pump 1 x Bubble Tube(2M)(cut it into two tubes as you need) 2 x Bubble Stone

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