10g Gram Foil-Packed Silica Gel Desiccant Pack Moisture Absorber Packets x 32pcs

Outstanding Features:   1.Weight increases up to 40% when saturated and 15% in the first 2 hours, no Cobalt Chloride.   2. No change in size or shape even if the silica beads become saturated with moisture. The beads will continue to feel and look dry.   3. Prevents Mold, Mildew, Odors, and Corrosion from forming in computers and electronic equipment, jewelry, camera, lens, leather jackets, leather shoes, books, photo albums, electronics, toys, appliances etc   4. Eliminates mildew, condensation and controls humidity. Silica gel bead are about 2-4 mm in length.   5. Each packet is self-sealed, strong and tear resistant.  Protect your valuables:  Fight dampness, mildew, fungus, mold with desiccant packs for valuable computers and equipment, jewelry, camera, lens, leather jackets, leather shoes. Our gel beads can be reactivated by drying in the sun for 3 hours or putting in a microwave oven and heating to 80-100 degrees Celsius. Microwave on DEFROST for several minutes with a temperature setting below 250 degrees Fahrenheit, taking out every 3 minutes to observe color. When the beads are green, they need to be dried; when they are orange, they’re ready to use.

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